"Adam's Tai Chi class is excellent.  He is very considerate of each class member as he instructs.  The class is very beneficial for mindfulness as well as balance.  Thank you for offering it!"
- Patricia Valencia

"I love Chantal's Pilates Reformer class on Saturdays.  She is aware of each person's body limitation and still offers a very challenging class!  I am sore in muscles I have not felt for some time!" 
-Pat Brighton

Brad:  Thank you so much for being a great fitness trainer.  You truly helped me reach my fitness goals, especially for my wedding.   I looked and felt great on my wedding day. :) Again, thanks so much for everything.  -Aimee

Dear BCX staff,
Now that I have been involved with BCX for about 6 months, I am convinced it has been worth the time and investment and am considering increasing to 3 days per week. When I heard about BCX at the Big-C I decided to try it to add some variety to what I had been doing, mostly cardio on my own and spin, along with light resistance most days per week. Although I was satisfied with my endurance (metric centrury rides, 5K runs) and overall condition for my age, I sometimes felt unstable doing things requiring balance like climbing ladders. Perhaps better core stability could help, I figured it couldn't hurt so I tried the BCX introduction and havn't regretted it.

I cannot claim dramatic weight loss, but have lost weight since starting BCX; I know my balance has improved along with my abdominal strength and general awareness of proper form and core engagement during exercise. The training is challenging and the instructors have been great. I'm not quite sure how Brad watches 8-10 people at once, but he is able to offer individual advice and coaching in the small group setting! This immediate feedback avoids forming bad habits and possible injury.

I am convinced of the benefits of core fitness training and recommend it if you are interested in improving your overall fitness.   -Bob Moore

I found myself at the heaviest weight of my life and decided I needed to do something about it. I would go to the gym and do an hour and a half of cardio but never incorporated any type of resistance training. A friend of mine saw a flyer for a 30 day challenge. I decided to give it a shot and I will tell you that following the nutrition plan and the classes 3 days a week made a huge difference. I found that I had more energy and was feeling much better. Brad did a great job of coaching us through each and every program. I actually found myself looking forward to going to class.
Once we would finish the program for the previous month I found myself wondering what diabolical program they had in store for us. I found that I was dropping the pounds with each and every class and quite honestly enjoying doing it. It was always easy for me to just say ok I did my hour of cardio and call it a day, but with the class even if I was tired , I would look all over the room and see the rest of the class and there was No Way I was going to quit! Thanks to the nutrition plan and Brad and Big C boot camps I have lost an astonishing 35 lbs in approximately six months and never felt better.  

First of all thank you for the excellent job you do in your class.  It is because of the program and trainers like you that I am hooked and committed to BCX.  I am just shy of two years in the program which has helped me tremendously.  Since retiring 7 weeks ago, and hardly missing a class since, I can see additional improvement in health and fitness.  My back feels better and I hope to play competitive tennis again.  As a firefighter I did aerobic workouts, but when I tried doing weight training I lost interest and it never lasted long.  I love the balance and variety I get from BCX workouts.  Your attention to detail, corrections and adjustments, and guidance have been invaluable to me.   -Martin

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I appreciate all you and BCX have done for me.  Your encouraging ways, positive attitude and constant attention to our form helped me to be in the the the best shape of my life-even better then when I was in the military 30+ years ago!   -Sue

I have found that it has helped me to stay on track for an active lifestyle.  I am more dedicated and enjoy coming to the gym more than I ever was before.  The workouts are great at hitting everything I need, cardio, weight training, and a routine.  The diet plan is critical for me to stay on track.  I have found that my lifestyle changes has improved dramatically as well.  I would recommend Big C X-Training for everyone and I have.   

Big C X-Training has been a great experience for me.  Since joining, I have dramatically increased my strength and improved my body composition.  I really appreciate the focused attention the instructors give each participant; insuring exercises are done correctly to prevent injury.   The exercise routines are constantly changing so it is never boring.  I highly recommend BCX to anyone looking for a great way to get in the best shape of your life and really enjoy doing it.   

I have always been a fitness nut and really enjoy working out, but I would often run into times where I bored or in a rut with my workouts or just plain not getting the results I was expecting.  All that has changed now that I’m doing BCX on a regular basis.  I love the energy I get from the group setting and enjoy that each class and each week brings a little something different to my workouts.  The combination of strength and cardio training coupled with the stretching and muscle activation has really led to significant improvements in the way my body looks and feels.  I would highly recommend BCX to anyone serious about getting in shape.   

Get more information today and choose to invest in your health.

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