Big C X-Training (BCXT)


The Big C X-Training Program is personal training in a group setting. With up to 12 people in the class, The training focuses on functional movements that increases your strength and core stabilization. We use an interval training method that we like to call metabolic resistance and cardio training. We blend strength, calisthenics, and core movements together in an interval workout to increase your strength and lean body mass, increase your metabolism, and get you burning more fat and moving better than ever before. BCXT has multiple levels within the training to allow all types of people get fit.
Level 1- Beginner: Using just our body weight, we start to engage our CORE muscles and feel how the body moves .
Level 2– Intermediate: Using resistance, we strengthen our CORE and work on muscular strength and conditioning.
Level 3– Advanced: Continuing to challenge the CORE, we begin to alter movements to create more in-stability, making our clients maximize there results and strength.

BCXT Rates Range From $175-$250 per month depending on the Membership you choose. Each membership includes full club access.
- The interval workouts use intense periods of work followed by brief periods of rest and recovery to burn fat up to 9x faster than other forms of exercise or typical cardio. Recovery from these workouts takes up energy too, and thus, your metabolism will get a boost even when at rest.
- General Nutrition Guidelines to follow: As part of our membership, we will also give you one of our Metabolic Fat Loss program nutrition handbooks complete with simple guidelines of exactly what you should eat to reach your goals. Follow the plan laid out for you, fill out the journal and bring it in to your coach and you will not fail!

Our Training goal is SIMPLE. We Are Driven By Your Results! We will give you the tools and map out the most effective approach to achieving your Fitness goals.

Are you ready for the most accountable & effective personalized group fitness program you will EVER experience?

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